You love listening to LITE-FM in the office because it makes the workday go faster! But let's be honest, it's a ton of fun to win while you work, too! 

Jen Broncheau, Jim Hillstead, Sara Hemming, Linda Jasper, Gina and the crew at the Sunrise in Caldwell...I'm looking at you guys because you're always finding a way to get into our winners' circle! We love giving away free stuff whether it's Boise Music Festival tickets, Roaring Springs Passes or cold, hard cash!

But at some point, this contest road needs to go both ways, right? We scratch your back, you scratch ours? We need your help winning a contest! Here's what's happening: If you've picked up a prize at our studios before, you know that we share our building with a bunch of other radio stations.

Normally we're pretty cool with them, but this week it's all out war because there's a HUGE contest happening among all of us.  We're trying to see which station can get the most people to download our FREE mobile apps.  LITE-FM wants to win, so we're not too proud to bribe you! I'll make you this deal: If we can get 100 new app downloads between 9 a.m. on Wednesday, May 9 and 8 a.m. on Friday, May 11, we'll use the app to give away a day of relaxation for two at The Springs hot springs retreat in Idaho City!

If you love the view you see in the photo above, just download our app HERE, turn on the alerts within and you'll be in to win! If you've already downloaded the app, you're already in to THANK YOU!

Consider yourselves official members of Team LITE! Let's go win this thing!

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