Boise's not exactly known for being a destination for fantastic chicken wings, so how could a new restaurant that's got the word wings in the title go virtually unnoticed?

If you're someone that just hasn't given up the Uber Eats habit that you developed during the height of the pandemic, you may have recently seen a new restaurant pop up called Cosmic Wings. They don't have an extensive menu, but there are some of the items on the small menu that are instant attention grabbers!

Like any good wing restaurant, they offer both traditional and boneless wings in flavors like classic flavors like hot buffalo, honey BBQ, sweet Asian chili, honey pepper, extra hot buffalo and garlic parmesan. From there they get more creative and offer flavors we can't find anywhere else in the Treasure Valley! We're talking wings coated in Cheetos or the more kickin' Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Those flavors transcend to their shareables menu in the form of Fried Cheetos Cheese Bites. They also sell waffle fries. We don't know any other restaurant that sells waffle fries than Chick-Fil-A, so that's cool!

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So, how did this "brand new" restaurant fly under the radar? Well, it's because the restaurant isn't new at all. It's a ghost kitchen that operates out of Treasure Valley's Applebee's locations. While the food is intriguing, the reveal is kind of a letdown.

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Cosmic Wings joins a growing list of ghost restaurants in the Treasure Valley like Chicken Sammy's (operating out of Red Robin) and Pasqually's Pizza & Wings (operating out of Chuck. E. Cheese.) Red Robin is also masquerading as Donatos Pizza and that one hits a little too close to home. Donatos was founded in my home state of Ohio and as much as I'd like to try it for nostalgia's sake, I'm afraid that I'll be setting myself up for disappointment by trying the Red Robin version.

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