When it comes to the Christmas tree is your family an real tree or fake tree family? If you're #TeamRealTree your tree could be free in 2019.

I so badly wish that hubby and I could be on your team, but the truth is we have a long hair cat who has an absolute fascination with the Christmas tree and well...the idea of cleaning sap out of him when he tries to climb in it just makes me cringe. So, #TeamFakeTree and a Scentsy burner full of wax that smells like the real deal it is.

#TeamRealTree people, how into picking out your Christmas tree are you? If you answered "well, it's fun walking through the tree lot" move along. This offer is only for families who love loading up the family and going to chop down their own Christmas Tree just like the Griswolds.

The Boise and Payette National Forests both participate in the "Every Kid Outdoors" program open to fourth-graders across the state of Idaho. Signing up for a pass lets these kids and their families adventure outdoors through over 2,000 federal lands and waters for free.  The goal is to help inspire these kids to put down their tablets and video games and go become the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

One of the perks of being a fourth-grader signed up for the program is a FREE Christmas tree permit to share with your parents. To get their permits, kids can sign up for the "Every Kid Outdoors" pass by completing a short, educational activity HERE. After they receive their pass and print it out (no electronic copies will be accepted,) they can take it to the Boise and Payette NF District Offices and the Interagency Visitor's Information Center at 1387 S. Vinnell Way in Boise to pick-up their permit beginning on Monday, November 25.

That permit allows the family to cut down one tree up to 12 ft. tall in either the Boise or Payette National Forest and take it home to decorate as part of their Christmas celebration. The permits are good through Christmas Day.

Don't have a fourth grader but would like a permit to cut down your own tree? It'll only set you back $10. They go on sale at Boise and Payette National Forest vendors starting Saturday, November 23 and at the district office mentioned above starting Monday, November 25.

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