October 2005, we got permission to do a "Ghost Hunt" Paranormal Investigation at the Old Idaho State Penitentiary and of course we took our kids, Branden who was 17, Alicia, 25 and Kody 12.  It was a rainy night and we started things just before closing.

We grabbed everything we had to record both video and audio with and headed out, in different directions. The boys, Kody and Branden went to Solitary to start, Alicia headed to the main cell block and Brenda and I went to the shops.  Funny thing is we still haven't gone through any of the footage of what happened that night.

We were in the shops when our Alicia came in breathing fire, she was mad.  She came up, looked at us and said "where are the boys."  So yes we asked "why?" "Because they pushed me and ran away" she replied.  We told her the boys were in the Solitary Confinement area.  She blinked like her processor was stuck, turned around and vanished. We found out later that while she was alone in the main cell block, she felt something push her from behind and when she turned around, nobody was there.  Yeah she headed right back to the block and was calling out he ghosts to do it again. That's our daughter.

Back to Brenda and Me. We were told to get to the new gun exhibit before it closed at 4:30, so we headed toward it.  We got to it just minutes after it had closed for the day.  I went up on the porch and tried to get in but the doors were shut and locked.  I looked in and saw the mannequins in uniform, standing at the entrance. It was an eerie sight.

Brenda  was standing just off the porch and told me to check the doors for sure, which I did. I pulled on them as hard as I could and they wouldn't open. I looked at Brenda and said "see, I guess we aren't supposed to go in."  I turned away and took one step off the porch when we heard "click" and turned to see the door open.  So of course we went in.

Inside the alarm was going off and the lights were flashing, but we just figured they would stop, since someone had to have let us in. We had been in the gun exhibit for about 5 minutes when someone from the Old State Pen, came flying in demanding to know how we got in.  We told her, we thought they had opened the doors since they just opened.  She informed us that there was no way the doors would just open, since they were electronic and couldn't be unlocked unless there was an emergency. They told us to look around for a few and then they went to working on the system trying to figure out how we got in.

We looked through the place, which is really cool.  The exhibit is a multi-million dollar gun collection that was donated to the museum. It has some guns you may have seen in history books, but haven't in person.

We went through the rest of the Old State Pen and didn't really have anything happen. We were at the front, talking to the staff about things that happened and finding out about things that had happened to them Of course the event in the gun exhibit came up and there were a hundred questions again. It totally baffled the staff how the doors opened when there was no possible way for them to open.

Wanting to know more about the collection, I asked about where it came from, the answer would explain why the door opened. It seems the gentleman J. Curtis Earl, who donated the gun exhibit, had cancer. I had just been diagnosed with cancer a few weeks before. Maybe it was the common bond between us that opened the doors.

Tomorrow night, Halloween 2015, we will be ghost hunting live at the Owyhee Lanes and Restaurant in Homedale.  Check liteonline.com or our Facebook page 107.9 Lite Fm on Facebook.

Kevin Mee

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