Ghost Hunt Video
I know it was Halloween when we did this, but our youngest son Kody is a film maker not just a video taker.  He spent hours going over the hours of video and got it down to the best.  This will not only give you an idea of the atmosphere, but what really did happen...
Haunted Christmas
I saw a story from Japan about a man who filmed a ghost Click here story from
That led me to do some research on ghosts and I found out something really interesting.  There are more ghost sighting during Christmas than any other time of the year.
Was it a Ghost
I've been going through hours of video from our Halloween ghost hunt at Owyhee Lanes and Restaurant.  After awhile your eyes start to cross, you think about nodding off and then "Bam" it happens.
This is off the static camera we set up.  It was from a Gopro...
Even More Ghost Stories
October 2005, we got permission to do a "Ghost Hunt" Paranormal Investigation at the Old Idaho State Penitentiary and of course we took our kids, Branden who was 17, Alicia, 25 and Kody 12.  It was a rainy night and we started things just before closing...
Another Ghost Story Part Deux (Two)
If you didn't read "Another Ghost Story" you may not get the fun of this one.
This happened about six weeks after I had seen the ghost girl.  By that time other people had started telling tales of seeing her.  I worked nights on the FM and Fred Imus, yes the brother o…
Another Ghost Story
This ghost story happened election day 1984. I was working my second radio job at KKAZ/Cheyenne. Now let me set the stage before I tell the story.
KKAZ and KUUY were sister stations in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The studios were in a building on the west side of town across the railroad tracks...
Ghost Hunt At Owyhee Lanes
Saturday night about 9pm the crew from "Ghostumentary," Brenda, Kody, Alicia and the great ghost hunter...Me, will be invading Owyhee Lanes in Homedale.  We are also going to have a psychic/clairvoyant who will be joining in.
Monday, Kody (our youngest son) and I made a trip to…

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