Who couldn't use an extra $20,000? I know I could certainly find ways to spend it. Or, save it. Yeah, I would definitely save it. Hey, what you choose to do with your twenty grand is totally up to you. You just have to find it first.

The Utah Treasure Hunt is back for the third year in a row, and is giving you a chance to not only get off the couch and out into nature...but giving you a chance to score a massive $20,000 payday. The annual Treasure Hunt was created by Utah real estate investors David Cline and John Maxim three years ago as a way to encourage people to go outside and leave their house during the pandemic. It gave Treasure Hunters a chance to finally destress and be outside of their home, where they have been stuck in quarantine, to have fun somewhere safe, outdoors, and allowed them to still be socially distant.


In year one, six-thousand people took part in the hunt and after a four-day search, someone found the $10,000 prize. For year two, they decided to up the prize to $20,000 and I don't know if they increased the difficulty as well, but this time it took one of the 20,000 participants 17 days to locate the treasure. Now, in year three there is more anticipation than ever for the upcoming hunt. Now, if you're thinking, "Hey! It was $20,000 last year! Why aren't they upping the prize?" Cline explained, "If it's too much, I think it brings out a lot of crazies and it just gets dangerous." According to Cline, anyone can participate in the hunt and they welcome all sorts of people from students to senior citizens. Cline adds, "That's what makes it fun."

Interested in heading south to try to claim the prize? The first clue will be released tomorrow (June 3rd) on Cline and Maxim's Instagram. Happy hunting!

The Utah Treasure Hunt 2020 and 2021

Looking at previous Utah Treasure Hunts and the people who won the grand prize. Could you be the one to win the $20,000 this year?

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