When we moved to Idaho 18 years ago we weren't sure what to expect. We did know that everyone we talked to said they loved Idaho and especially the Treasure Valley.  It didn't take long for us  to fall in love with the area too.

I especially enjoy taunting my brothers and dad back in Colorado. They live along the front range between Golden and Colorado Springs.  Weather in that area comes in extremes, from heavy rains to tornado's to blizzards, you will see pretty well much everything.

Here we get a little of everything and for the most part "winter" is just an few weeks of irritation. Starting about mid February we can have days that are perfect for playing outside and it lasts until at least Halloween. That's allot of time to be able to play outdoors.

snow at Dad's

This morning about 7:30 I got this photo from my dad along with the text "!6 inches and still falling."


So I shot this back to him, granted it's from summer, but it's still how I view our weather in the Valley.



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