As many of you know I have Cancer, it's a form of B-Cell Lymphoma and is incurable. With this kind of blood born cancer, Chemo is the normal practice. I refused chemo from the start and for over 10 years have yet to take it.  I by accident, came up with my own way of keeping my cancer in check, it's healthy and works well, but about the time I say anything, the TROLLS come out.

Trolls are people who not only doubt you but do it in a mean way. They act like they are the authority and you are a complete idiot or conman. I was having a discussion with some people online about this subject and the Trolls came running out from under their bridges trying to take me down. I took down a website I used to have that was strictly information about how I kept cancer from killing me, because of Trolls.

Now there is a bill in front of the Idaho legislature called the "Right to Try" bill.

It would allow terminally ill people the ability to seek alternative treatment.  There is no downside to the bill, especially the way it's written.  But still there are people and some medical businesses that are standing in the way. I really don't understand why someone or some business would stop a person who is going to die from trying. We need to stop the Trolls and get this passed.

For that matter I would love to find a researcher who would be interested in what I take to keep my cancer at bay and get it studied. I believe it could be a healthy cure for cancer, but I can't call it that because of the FDA.  I don't see it happening because if the studies came out as I believe they would, there would be a cheap way to cure cancer.

If nothing else we need to give the chance to live to people who are terminal now.



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