Over the last couple years, Airbnb has made a big mark as a great alternative to hotels and traditional home rentals.  A new bill signed by Governor Otter will keep Idaho "Airbnb-friendly." 

The legislation is called the Short-term Rental and Vacation Rental Act, will continue to allow homeowners to elect to rent their homes but also allows localities to impose regulations when concerns arise for "public health, safety, and welfare..."

The biggest elements of the bill will keep cities and counties from adding sales taxes on short-term and vacation rentals, and keeps them from changing zoning that would prohibit homes from being rented out.

Airbnb reported that homes rented out using their services in Idaho brought in $11.6 million dollars in income last year and served 95,000 visitors.  A typical host earns $4800 per year from renting through Airbnb.

More on this can be found from the Post Register in Idaho Falls, HERE.

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