The travel industry has been rocked by pandemic-related issues for the past 20 months, and hospitality workers have been through the wringer.  But that makes now the perfect time to find Boise's best and nominate them for a high-profile award that will make their year.

We've seen enough Yelp reviews and Reddit threads to know that sometimes hotel guests and restaurant-goers get mad about things, and the web sure is a handy place to vent.  But now, it's time to do the opposite, and give some love to workers in the hospitality industry that do their jobs well and make our experiences out and about in Boise, better.

The Boise Convention and Visitors Bureau is taking nominations now for its ROSE Awards, which will honor the bright spots at a Boise "hotel, restaurant, bar, retail, transportation, attractions, event/meeting planning, tourism, or hospitality-related field," who are in non-managerial positions. says, "Employees should have direct contact with or provide support to, visitors and customers, and distinguish themselves by promoting Boise and surrounding areas through exemplary service and customer satisfaction."

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A manager can submit a nomination, and the general public can do it too.  In addition to the individual awards for workers, they'll also give a ROSE award for Manager of the Year.  The overall Spirit of Hospitality Award will also go to a manager or owner in a hospitality position.

Maybe it's an airport employee who makes you laugh at 5 am when you're half asleep trying to catch a flight.  Or maybe it's a server that never writes down an order, yet always manages to hold the onions and get every plate right.  It can be simple or complex, as long as it shows a positive vibe.

Bartender is making a cocktail

If you have someone in mind, you can nominate that person with a 100-word description telling why that employee is outstanding, and how they project a positive image of their company and of the Boise area as a destination.  Nominations are open through March 4, 2022, and public voting will start two weeks later.

Click HERE to send in a nomination.

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