You booked the tickets months ago, but that excitement hits all over again when you get an e-mail reminder from your airline that your trip is just around the corner. We know you can’t wait to walk down that jet bridge, but before you do you should double-check what you packed! 

2024 could be an awesome year to travel! According to NerdWallet the price of airfare is down about 5.9% from May 2023. It’s even down a little bit from May 2019 before the pandemic affected so many travel plans. 

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Even with flights being more affordable than a year ago, you’d still love to avoid paying extra fees during your trip that you rather spend on food, shopping and souvenirs when you reach your destination. That’s why you’ve mastered the art of “Tetris packing” so you don’t have to check a bag.

Unless you’re flying Southwest, you’re looking at paying $30 minimum for that first checked bag. Multiply that by two, because you’re likely going to come with more stuff than you left home with. That’s why you’ve watched a ridiculous amount of TikTok videos by travel influencers showing you the best way to roll, fold and get all of your things into a small roller bag and backpack! 

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After all that hard work, it’d be a shame to get to the TSA gate at one of Idaho’s airports only to have them pull your bag aside and tell you that you’ve accidentally packed something that’s NOT permitted to fly in the cabin. Now you’ve got a decision to make. Do you pitch it? Do you cave and pay the baggage fee? 

And you’ve got to make that decision quickly because all of a sudden, you’ve become “that person” that’s holding up the line while other travelers are antsy to get to their gates. This all could’ve been avoided if you had taken a peek at the TSA’s “What Can I Bring?” list before you zipped your bag. 


By our count, there are at least 56 items that you CANNOT bring into the cabin as a carry-on but can pack in your checked luggage. Below is an abbreviated version of that list to help you as you prepare for your trip!

Boise Airport Travel Tip: If you can manage to get into the security line all the way to the left where they have larger bins for your items, you WILL NOT have to remove your electronics and liquids from your bag. You’ll just have to toss your shoes, belt and jacket into that same bin. On the morning that we published this article, we zipped through TSA security in about three minutes without having to fish out our laptop and USB Microphone. Happy travels! 

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