2023 is the year you promised yourself to use all of your PTO and travel as much as possible. Taylor Swift in Seattle. Visiting family in California. Girls trip to Las Vegas. You’re doing them all.

What type of traveler are you? Are you a master Tetris packer who fits everything you need for a weeklong vacation in a carry-on roller bag and backpack? Or are you notorious for overpacking and will cough up the money to check your luggage and let the airline deal with getting it from Point A or Point B?

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If you fall in the second category, we’re not judging you. We are you. And this article is for you. While surveying Americans about their summer travel plans, Forbes recently discovered that lost or damaged luggage is one of the top concerns travelers have in 2023. That’s why they grabbed data from the U.S. Department of Transportation to determine which of America’s 100 busiest airports were most likely to mishandle your luggage. 

Southwest Airlines' Mass Cancellations Continue To Strand Travellers Nationwide
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The good news? If you’re flying out of Boise Airport, your luggage is in caring hands as you say “see you later” to your hometown. Boise Airport ranked #90 on the list with a property loss rate of .41 per 100,000 passengers. They had an identical rate of passengers claiming property damage. Of those claims, 29,41% of passengers were successful in getting their lost luggage reimbursed in full. 36.76% got their damaged luggage reimbursed in full.

The bad news? Two of Boise Airport’s top 10 destination airports fall on Forbes’ Top 10 Worst Airports for Lost and Damage Luggage,” so there’s a chance that when arrive back at BOI your luggage may not show up or it will be damaged when you pull it off the carousel. 

Which airports are we talking about? Where do the rest of Boise’s most popular destination airports rank? Take a look for yourself. If you’re traveling to these destinations, plan on perfecting your Tetris packing and travel carry-on only. 

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