Staying at a hotel in Boise for a week this summer can cost around a thousand bucks!  People who visit the Treasure Valley must really want to be here.

Hotel rooms under a hundred bucks per night are almost impossible to find in Boise right now, and, in fact, two hundred dollars per night seems a little more like it.

A quick check of some Boise listings on produced these prices per night:

Hyatt Place Boise/Towne Square - $209
925 North Milwaukee, Boise

Motel 6 Meridian - $135
1047 S Progress Ave, Meridian

Hotel 43, Boise - $236
981 Grove St, Boise

Hampton Inn Boise - Airport - $222
3270 South Shoshone, Boise

Inn at 500 Capitol- $395
500 S. Capitol, Boise

Red Lion Inn & Suites Boise Airport - $179
4111 Broadway Ave, Boise

Best Western Plus Peppertree Nampa Civic Center Inn - $225
205 3rd St South, Nampa


By the time the hotel taxes and fees are added, the bill for 5 nights will be well over a thousand dollars for most Boise hotel guests.  For that kind of money, it's surprising that these people actually venture out and do things!  Sitting in the hotel room all day might help them get their money's worth, but then again they would miss Roaring Springs, the Greenbelt, Boise Fry Company, the Boise Art Museum, and all of the things that drew them here in the first place. said it this way.  This summer is "the first time since the pandemic began that U.S. hotels outperformed pre-Covid levels."  Travelers have been let loose and apparently, Boise is one of the destinations they're flocking to.  If demand for rooms were low, hotels would be offering big deals and discounts to get people to book a stay, but instead, prices are up and hotels are close to full capacity and the prices reflect it.

Travelers seem to be rushing to other nearby states too.  How many social media friends do you have in Colorado right now?  Oh my goodness, every other post on my feed is a friend standing in front of a mountain, or wearing a bucket hat in a raft on the rapids.  After a year at home, outdoor recreation is calling, and that helps Idaho too.

I'm headed to Colorado this Saturday, and Jackson, WY next week, and I booked the hotels back in April.  The Lexington Hotel in Jackson is my favorite, and when I asked to book three nights there the friendly front desk girl said, "Sure but we'll need to move you to a different room each night."  In other words, don't get too comfy!  Travel has picked up, hotels are booked, and when we belly up to the free breakfast bar for eggs and oatmeal the wait will be longer than usual.  But we're going anyway, and that seems to be the mentality of most of America right now.

Hotel money helps the local economy, so overall it's a good thing that rates are up here in Boise.  The money is rolling in and that will help us all eventually.

But it will cost more anytime you want to get those houseguests off of your couch too.  At least they'll get free breakfast.

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