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As I watch this whole thing with Apple and the FBI over opening the cell phone of the murdering terrorists in San Bernardino, I think "this is so easy."

Apple is claiming if they open this phone the FBI will be able to open all apple phones. SOOOOOOOO, Apple how about this. You open that phone and rather than creating a phone that can't be cracked, like you're doing, give each phone it's own individual code that would need that key to open.

Here are the ups and downs of giving each phone its own code. The up part is the phone would be able to open in case of a court order. Other than a court order for that individual phone, the phones wouldn't be able to be opened. This would make it so Apple is compliant with the U.S. Constitution, where Tommy Jefferson wrote, "No cell phone shall be cracked open unless dropped or ordered through due process of the American court system, through warrant," or something like that.

The down side, every Apple phone user would have to buy a new phone if they wanted one that wouldn't be opened unless they committed a crime.  For Apple this is a huge upside, but this would pretty well make every American happy.

I personally think the cell phone companies need to put software on their phones that make them useless when they are moving at a speed over 10mph to stop texting and driving. You may think you are the worlds best driver, but when you are texting, you drive like a complete idiot.

Make driving and texting a personal choice, give the phone an option to be turned on when it is traveling over 10mph, that way it would make using the phone the total and complete responsibility of the person who is using it. I keep waiting for someone who is injured in an accident by someone texting and driving not only to be sued, but their cell phone carrier and maker sued.  They sue gun manufacturers all the time, why not cellphone makers and carriers for not making them safe.

That's it for me, I've done enough to try and help society and make it safer today. For now if you are texting and driving, I will continue to scrounge you off and honk at you. Yes I do give dirty looks to people when they are making stupid their choice.

Chime in, your comments and thoughts are welcome here, just no swearing.

Kevin Mee

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