I've noticed the U.S. for some reason lately is really getting lazy. People just don't want to work for things anymore, they want everything free and if they don't get it they pitch a fit. In order to get it For something to be free someone had to work for it. Nothing is really free, there has to be a Yiin and Yang in order for anything to happen.

Different Presidential candidates have different messages with some promising this and that FREE. The problem is, it really isn't FREE, someone will pay for it. I guess the people who are getting the FREE stuff don't really care, shoot they don't have to pay for them. But those of us who have lived the life of "you get out of life what you put into it," we're ready to revolt.

Case in point today the ticket giveaway for Aaron Paul's movie Triple 9. You had to do something to get the tickets, either win them on the radio or do Aaron's scavenger hunt. It all involved putting in effort. The more effort you put in the better your chances of being a part of the event. But sure enough, people griped because it involved effort. It seems today the rule is gripe about it until you get what you want.

We need America working again. I wasn't even in school yet when President Kennedy said "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Where did that mentality go, where did the work ethic that belongs to it go.

I learned that if you want something you earn it. If you want something given to you, earn it. If you don't want to earn it, then don't expect much,  because that's what you should get, nothing or next to nothing. It takes sacrifice to get ahead. The Yin and the Yang thing, you have to give, in order to get.

If you look at the captains of business or pretty well anyone who has built the so called "good Life", it took sacrifice.  Look at our folks in the military, how many times they've worked holidays, spent months away from home, that's sacrifice and work. It's time to quit the lazy and make America great again and I believe Idaho can lead the way. Quit griping about your situation and do something about it. If you aren't making enough, make yourself worth more than your wage.

It is me, or are these simple rules to live by.

What are your thoughts, are Americans becoming lazy, griping, babies?

Kevin Mee


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