The internet is a crazy place. It’s the type of place where literally anything can (and will) happen. We like have all heard the saying that “the internet is undefeated.” But is it really? We know that the world wide web is packed with fake news and wild theories but there are none other than the popular internet theory floating around that says Idaho doesn’t exist.

You read that correctly.

There are actually people who don’t believe that the state of Idaho actually exists. According to, the theory stems from the “Bielefeld Conspiracy” which is named after the city in Germany that conspiracy theorists say does not exist. Why doesn’t Idaho exist? Here is the logic behind the conspiracy theory:

  • Do you know anybody from Idaho?
  • Have you ever been to Idaho?
  • Do you know anybody who has ever been to Idaho?

The theory as stated on, says that Idaho is “a government-operated mind-control vacuum.”

If we’re being 100% honest, we thought this conspiracy was fake news and that there is no way that people actually believe this… right?


This Twitter user gets straight to the point! ***

Is this person serious…? Or…?

This person got half of their tweet right… ***

Nice to meet you, Alicia, my name is Chris.

Welp, apparently if Alicia can’t recognize something, it doesn’t exist. Take note people! ***

JB is another Twitter user who is just getting straight to the point.

Tell us more, Nicholas. ***

Take it easy there, Linda!

What’s the big idea @WhiteCaraSugar? ***

Which is exactly why people shouldn’t come here. Thank you, Nathan.

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