So, I have to admit that when I think of ramen noodles, my mind immediately goes to "chicken or beef." It's likely because of the fact that when I first moved out, it was all I could afford to eat. I have to say though, you could do anything with ramen noodles; anything is possible with a bowl of ramen noodles. I, for one, used to throw some soy sauce on those bad boys and occasionally throw in the leftover fried noodles from the takeout I had before.

Luckily for everyone who enjoys ramen, I'm not in charge of the recipes nor am I an expert in the field of ramen. A report from 24/7 Tempo revealed which spots in Idaho and surrounding states have the best ramen noodles. This isn't your college dorm room "Top Ramen" either, this stuff is the real deal.

Take the best ramen in Idaho (which according to the report can be found in Meridian) for example; the ingredients include chyashu (pork belly), green onions, spinach, "half a soft-boiled egg", and pickled ginger. To top it all off, the broth is made with pork and chicken. Sounds delicious, am I right? Even better, we're entering the winter months and most of us can agree that there is nothing quite like a hot bowl of fresh ramen to pair with the cold weather outside.

Do you agree with the pick for Idaho's number one ramen spot? Let's get into the best ramen spots in each state and Idaho then let me know if this is accurate or not!

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