Boise’s Best Burger Is….
We have options and the options are great. If fact so great that sometimes it hard to narrow down a place to eat. So where do you go when you are craving a burger?
A PNW Favorite Opens In Downtown Boise
Anthony's has been a staple for seafood in the Seattle area since 1969 and they just opened their first Treasure Valley location in Downtown Boise with a really impressive menu.
10 Best Day Trips in Idaho
Sometimes all you have the time or money for is a little day trip. Luckily, Idaho has endless places to explore in just one day! Here are the 10 Best Day Trips in Idaho.
The Best Getaway In Idaho
I love adventure, going places and experiencing things. I enjoy Idaho and everything it has to offer. See, I'm part cowboy, part country club kid, part don't really know for sure.
We Need Your Vote
Just found out that the Boise Weekly is having their annual "Best of Boise" readers poll.  There is a place for not only Brenda and I, or Brenda and me, I'm never sure which one it is, but for your favorite radio station.  So if you would please vote for both of us...

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