I’m a fan of horror movies and love learning about haunted places as much as the next person, but you won’t catch me checking into one of the most haunted inns in America in Lava Hot Springs Inn located in (you guessed it) Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. You’ll find Lava Hot Springs Inn at 1 Center St., an easy address to remember for when you want a ghostly adventure. Now, to be clear, I’d be sleeping with the lights on all night if I stayed there but I am certain the experience is a positive one, and the reviews to back that up.

“What a wonderful experience!” one Yelp user, Gretchen B. wrote before adding, “This hotel used to be a hospital during WW2 for burn victims. The soaking pools are amazing!”

Lava Hot Springs Inn & Spa via Yelp
Lava Hot Springs Inn & Spa via Yelp

That’s right, folks. The most haunted inn in Idaho was once used to rehab soldiers during World War II and later, house the elderly according to ‘Only In Your State’. The inn itself even shares the claims about a ghost possibly roaming their property on their About Us page. That’s not to say the inn doesn’t look amazing because it does; according to one review, they even have an “amazing breakfast.”

I have to admit as tough as I’d like to think I am, I would be up all night and paranoid that something would come to get me in the middle of the night. How? No idea, but I wouldn’t want to find out either way. If you’re brave enough and want to go where all the action is, OnlyInYourState.com says that the most haunted room in the inn is ‘Room 13’ where they say guests report seeing a ghost of a woman named “Martha.” Considering Room 13 apparently used to be an operating room, it makes the idea of it being the most haunted room in the inn that much more terrifying.

Why anyone would want to meet Martha? That’s beyond me but if getting scared out of your pants is for you, do the best you can to book Room 13.

Beyond the paranormal activity, reviews praise the mineral pools, the amazing breakfast, and the friendly staff.

Elizabeth P. via Yelp
Elizabeth P. via Yelp

One reviewer even shared how she and her significant other were granted an extensive tour of the inn. They were even accommodated by staff when requesting to be moved to a room where they would be more likely to have paranormal experiences. Talk about quality service! You can learn more about their reservations and policies here.

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