After freaking out eight minutes into an episode of Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures featuring the historic building, we don't think we could! 

The current Gooding University Inn wasn't always a haunted hospital. The building was originally part of the Gooding College campus, but the school eventually fell into financial hardship and ceased operations in the late 1930s.

The History of the Idaho State Tuberculosis Hospital

According to the inn's website, the Methodist Church owned the property and gave it to the state in 1941 so that they could create a tuberculosis hospital. explains that there was a huge gap in tuberculosis care in that part of the state. WWII slowed down the completion of the hospital. While the medical community waited for it to open, patients were sent to St. Al's in Boise or a hospital in northern Idaho. The two facilities had a limited number of beds available for TB patients. When this facility eventually opened in 1947, it could care for 150 patients.

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It eventually closed in 1976 and has since been renovated into the Gooding University Inn. Throughout its years as a hotel, it's spawned dozens of stories of hauntings by what could be former patients of the tuberculosis hospital or children who died on the property. We're talking about everything from disembodied footsteps to full-figure apparitions and scary sounds throughout the halls.

Hauntings Attract Attention of the Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures

In fact, it spawned so many stories that Zak Bagans, the host of Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures brought a crew to investigate the stories. I tried to watch it and couldn't make it further than 22 minutes into the episode. The crew almost immediately tried to communicate with spirits through Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) and picked up an unexplainable dark voice answering Zak's question "Is there something evil here?"

EVP scares the living crap out of me, so I couldn't take anymore. If you want to watch the episode you can log in with your TV provider and see how it plays out by clicking here.

You Can Conduct Your Own Ghost Hunt...If You Dare

If you're brave enough to do some ghost hunting of your own on the property you can click HERE. A company by the name of Ghost Hunts USA is offering just TWO opportunities for brave souls to be part of a tour of the hotel that includes a structured vigil and the use of ghost hunting equipment like trigger objects and EMF meters. You also get some private time to conduct your own hunts and vigils.

Typically, they offer this tour multiple times between August and Halloween, but this year it's only happening on one weekend! There are options for non-sleepover hunts (ending at 4 a.m.) and sleepover hunts (ending at 10 a.m.) These are the 2022 dates:

  • Friday, August 26
  • Saturday, August 27

After hearing the EVP recordings from Ghost Hunters, we don't think we'd be brave enough to stay there but the Gooding University Inn does have an excellent 4.8 star rating on Vrbo. You can see some past investigations in the video below! Scroll past the video to see the images the Inn shared on their VRBO page!

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