Maybe it's because winter hit the Treasure Valley with a vengeance this year or maybe it's because we weren't able to get on the river until late July...doesn't it seem like summer went incredibly too fast this year?

This weekend is the last weekend of the season at Roaring Springs and those of you who've downloaded the new, LITE-FM app have an "app-sclusive" chance to win "Last Splash" tickets! Every morning this week at 8 a.m., we'll send out an "APP Splash" emoji phrase of the day via the app's alerts.  Be the first caller to correctly decode what it means at (208) 383-1079 and you'll win a pair of "Last Splash" tickets!

Seems pretty easy, right?  Here's a practice one for you!

Emoji Phrase: 👀📕😭

Answer: "Read It and Weep"

Did you guess it right? Congrats! You're gonna do great this week!

If you haven't downloaded the app yet or don't think you've turned on the alerts, jump over HERE to download it now and see how to double check that your alert settings are correct!

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