Read Four Simple Phrases to Win Roaring Springs Season Passes!

You hear our voices on the radio all of the time, but we want to make you the star. Keep reading to find out how you can score a pair of Roaring Springs Season Passes to splash all summer long simply by getting your voice on the radio!

Roaring Springs Waterpark
Roaring Springs Waterpark

Can you believe that Roaring Springs is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary season? That means the teens that used party at H2Overload are all grown up and have kids of their own to bring to the park. And there's no better time to do that! Last year, Roaring Springs opened the first phase of the expansion project that will turn OUR local waterpark into one of the biggest parks in the country. Camp IdaH2O, Geyser Bar and Grille and Class Five Canyon were a big hit and your favorite at-work station wants to make your dreams of spending day after day after day at Roaring Springs this summer come true!

That's why your favorite at-work station wants to make your dreams of meeting him come true!

Get on the Radio, Get Tickets!

We want to feature your voice saying our station name in between songs. Simply follow the steps below to be entered to win a FREE pair of Roaring Spring Season Passes!

Step 1

Download the 107.9 LITE-FM App. You’ll need our free app to submit audio and be entered to win.

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Get our free mobile app

Step 2

  • Click the “Open Mic” button on the home screen of the app.
  • If prompted to “Create Account” follow the steps and make sure you completely fill out all of your information so we can contact you if you win.
  • Type the word “Roaring Springs" in the Comments Box.

Step 3

Push record and read the following lines. Smile big while you're recording yourself and make sure you sound excited if you want to win the tickets! If it takes you more than 30 seconds to read all four lines, you can submit multiple files.

  • Hey! It’s (your name) from (where you work) and you’re listening to 107.9 LITE-FM, Boise’s feel-good, at work station!
  • Hi! It’s (you name) from (where you live) and you’re listening to 107.9 LITE-FM, your home for Boise Music Festival!
  • Hey! It’s (your name) and from (where you live) and I listen to 107.9 LITE-FM because it makes me feel good! 
  • Hi! It’s (your name) from (where you live) and you’re waking up with Michelle in the Morning on 107.9 LITE-FM!

If you're feeling nervous, I recorded an example of what we're looking for that you can listen to before you do yours! Click play, below.

Step 4

Click “done” and “submit”  when you’re happy with what you recorded! If you get a message that says "Error. Unable to upload media!" uninstall and reinstall the app. You may have an outdated version.

BOOM! That’s it! Once you’ve submitted audio, your name will be entered to win the Roaring Springs Season Passes! A winner will be selected randomly and notified before noon on Friday, June 23.

By submitting your audio, you agree to let Townsquare Media use your voice on the radio. All submissions could be used on-air and online. The contest ends Friday, June 14 at 11:59 p.m. 

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