Depending on how often you drive I-84, you’ve been watching some exciting construction happen at Roaring Springs since their season ended in 2022. That Tippin’ Tater has been smiling at you and you’re probably wondering when the expansion’s going to open! 

If Mother Nature cooperates, Roaring Springs is set to open for the 2023 season on Saturday, May 6. Weather permitting, they’ll be open on Saturdays, Sundays and Memorial Day throughout the month of May and then open daily starting on May 31. For the first few weeks of the season, just the existing waterpark will be open. 

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Phase One of the park’s major expansion plan is still undergoing some fine-tuning. They want to make sure that everything is working just right on the first day guests get to check it out. Roaring Springs shared on their Facebook page that the first time they tested out the 650 “Tippin’ Tater” bucket, he actually tipped backward and spilled water in the wrong direction. These are the kind of kinks they’ve been working out over the last few weeks.

You won't have to wait much longer to check it out! Roaring Springs surprised the Treasure Valley with the announcement that they're opening the expansion ahead of schedule. It was initially supposed to open on May 31, but will now open on Saturday, May 27 at 11 a.m., just in time for families to enjoy it over the long Memorial Day Weekend.

Roaring Springs
Roaring Springs

Roaring Springs 7-Phase Expansion Plan Will Take 10-15 Years

In February 2022, Roaring Springs unveiled plans for a monster expansion plan that would increase the park’s footprint by about 40%, making it one of the largest waterparks not just in the Pacific Northwest, but the entire United States! A project of that magnitude is can take years to finish and that’s why the park has broken up into smaller chunks of construction that they can complete during the off-season in the coming years. 

Phase 1 of the expansion will include the features we’re about to show you. Phases 2-5 will bring new thrill slides to the park and Phases 6-7 will expand parking to help accommodate the growing number of guests looking to cool down at Idaho’s favorite water park. 

What’s New at Roaring Springs in 2023?

In addition to a new state-of-the-art UV filtration system and 16 new luxury cabanas, here’s what you’ll see once Roaring Springs opens Phase 1 of the expansion on May 31. 

Check Out What's New at Roaring Springs Waterpark in 2023

Roaring Springs is opening Phase 1 of their massive expansion plan on May 27! Here's what it's adding to the waterpark that you already know and love!

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