Of all the weird things that 2020 gave us, this might be one of the most beautiful and creative trends. 

After Idaho's restaurants were given the green light to re-open for dine-in service, the Gem State never placed additional restrictions on restaurants. Other states haven't been so lucky. Some have tightened capacity limits when the number of cases started to rise again this fall. Other are still banning indoor dining, which is a less than ideal scenario for eateries trying to stay afloat during the colder months. That led to an increase in dining igloos, which provides guests with a dining environment that's a little warmer than the typical outdoor patio and more private.

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Even though Idaho's not as locked down as some of these states and municipalities, the trendy bubbles not only exist here, the first ones appeared before we were even familiar with COVID-19.

Crafted Tap House + Kitchen in Coeur d'Alene unveiled their igloos in November 2019. Decorated with their own fireplaces and other wintery things, the tap house thought it'd be a fun way to let people enjoy their patio space even on the darkest, coldest, snowiest Idaho evenings. The bubbles are typically about 30 degrees warmer than the outside air temperature and guests can reserve them in 90 minute increments for $80. A special couple experience is available for couples at $40 on Valentine's Day, but there's only a few of those reservations remaining. Igloos that haven't been reserved are available on a first come, first serve free of charge. Igloos can seat up to 8 guests.

The Coeur d'Alene Resort recently introduced their own igloos overlooking the lake at Whispers, the resort's waterfront lounge. The igloos are available for open seating from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. or two hour reservations from 4-10 p.m. Right now, they're taking reservations through March. It's a pricier evening as reservations are $75, with a $150 food & beverage minimum. One nice perk? That $75 reservation does include a signature bottle of champagne!


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