Isn't it amazing how fast kids grow?!

It seems like just yesterday that a few of my co-workers and their wives were bringing home infants from the hospital for the first time.  Those kids aren't so little anymore! They've grown into adorable toddlers who you can sit and have a whole conversation with! It just amazes me how tall they've gotten over just a few years.

Of course, every time a child grows that means you're one step closer to needing a new car seat to keep them safe on that trip to see Grandma.  Parents, you know that car seats aren't the cheapest item to purchase.  They can range anywhere from $60-$300 depending on how fancy you want to get. Target understands that it can be a bit of a financial burden to upgrade as your kids grow and that's why their bringing back their "Car Seat Trade-In" event!

Now through May 4, you can bring in your old, unwanted car seat to the Guest Services desk at Treasure Valley target stores and they'll issue a 20% off coupon to use toward whatever your child needs next: a bigger car seat, booster seat, car seat base, travel system or stroller.  The coupon is good in stores and at Just make sure you use that coupon before May 11!

So what does Target do with all the car seats they collect during the event? They've got a really cool partnership with Waste Management.  The recycling company takes the old car seats and recycles them into materials for grocery carts, buckets and construction materials like steel beams and carpet padding!

Target has periodically hosted trade-in events since 2016 and says that they've recycled over more than half a million carseats.

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