It was Christmas at our office today.  OK, maybe not *quite* Christmas, but pretty close.  Girl Scout Cookies arrived, and quickly, the age-old question did too; Which is best? 

To me, there is really no question about this.  There are two that top the list and one that wins hands-down.  Others seem to be either misguided or confused though, so I thought we needed to put this in front of our entire community so that we can definitely answer this important question, once and for all.

So, I ask you, what Girl Scout Cookie is best?


To me, my two favorites are the leaders, Samoas and Thin Mints.  In fact, I looked up the national data (thank you Girl Scouts for providing it), and they are in fact the top two.  I have a slight disagreement with the order though as they put Samoas as 2nd and Thin Mints 1st.

If you want to know more about the process and the full list, check out the article Business Insider wrote HERE.

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