Boise's Best Girl Scout Cookie
It was Christmas at our office today.  OK, maybe not *quite* Christmas, but pretty close.  Girl Scout Cookies arrived, and quickly, the age-old question did too; Which is best?
Not Exactly A Resolution
I'm not sure why, but I have never liked the whole "New Year's Resolution" thing.  Maybe it's a fear of commitment?  I would rather just set a goal.
A Heartfelt Thank You
It struck me last night while watching my feed with complaints and comments about the Republican Debate; we are so lucky to have the freedom to have the "issues" we do.
I think my generation (I'm in my late 30's) has not had to face the reality of fighting for our freedoms…
I'm Living On The Edge
This was the scene on my dashboard as I drove home last night.  What started with 10 miles until empty moved to this, all because I'm cheap.
Remember Daylight Saving Time
After your sugar high from the "extra" candy or if you need a little extra time to recover after a Halloween party, congrats!  Daylight Saving Time adjusts Sunday.
Am I Crazy?
I realize this is the second time in a week I'm asking "Am I wrong...", but I had some hamburger I needed to cook and I got home late, so I grilled at 8:30pm.  By flashlight.

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