What famous person would you want to have lunch with?

This is always a fascinating question to ask people, and I’ve loved seeing your interesting responses.

Curious about who y’all would want to meet, I posted a few questions on Facebook and Instagram Polls asking you to share with me who (which famous person) you'd like to go on a lunch date with, where you would take them, and what you would like to do!

Keep scrolling for a few of the greatest replies I got — there’s everything from longtime Taylor Swift fans wanting to grab chicken tenders to people who just wanna talk about God with the Pope 😂

Shocked Schitts Creek GIF By CBC

Like I said, the answers to these questions are always very fascinating!

It seems like there’s really 2 ways to approach answering questions like these — the more serious, inquisitive answers where you genuinely want to meet someone and learn from them — almost like having a meeting with a mentor etc. OR... the more comedic, out-of-this-world answers that are just bizarre and hilarious!

I really enjoyed and appreciated the conversations in the DMs that were sparked by this activity, too. I got to learn a lot more about y’all and it was just a fun way to spend my day.

But I gotta admit ... I’m really disappointed I don’t see any country musicians on the list! Just because of that, I’ll say that I personally would really want to meet Jason Aldean and talk about politics haha!

Nonetheless, here are some of the celebrities Idahoans would love to have lunch with! 👇

Celebrities Idahoans Say They Want to Have Lunch With!

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