It’s that time of the year when your adorable little “dealer” is hitting you up, asking if you’d like to buy some Girl Scout Cookies. If you’ve already looked at your scout’s order form or website, you may be panicking. Why is your favorite cookie NOT listed?! 

We’re not mocking you. We’re right there with you. We’ve been diehard Tagalong fans since well, the very first time we got our hands on Girl Scout Cookies as kids. The Tagalongs are missing. The Do-si-dos are missing. The Samoas are missing! 

Where did they go?! What is happening?! Have we had our favorite cookie for the last time?! 

A Tale of Two Girl Scout Cookie Bakeries

We’re going to let you in on a dirty little secret about Girl Scout Cookies that will hopefully calm you down. There’s a possibility that your favorite cookie goes by another name. Right now, there are only two bakeries in the United States that supply cookies to Girl Scout councils: ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers. The names of the cookies, the appearance of the cookies and even the cookie line-up vary a little between the two bakeries. 

Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash
Photo by Darren Halstead on Unsplash

According to CNET, there are licensing issues that prevent the two bakeries from using the same names or recipes for some of the cookies. Unless you’ve stumbled across a similar article, it’s a secret you probably didn’t know about. We’ve seen the article before and had a sneaking suspicion that might be what was happening in Boise this year, so we reached out to Kim Ross, the Cookie/Product Manager for our local Girl Scouts of Silver Sage council. 

Girl Scout Cookie Changes Coming to Boise

Kim verified that the local council is making the change from Little Brownie Bakers to ABC Bakers. She told us that their current contract was up and it gave them the opportunity to conduct a thorough comparison between the two bakeries. In the end, the powers that be at Girl Scouts of Silver Sage were very, very impressed with ABC Baker’s superior presentation.

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies From Street Trucks In New York City
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From their enthusiasm for working with the Idaho-based council to their excellent customer service to their great-tasting cookies, it just felt right. They also loved that the partnership would allow them to better service their scouts and in the end, that’s what really matters! 

What Is My Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Named Now?

Kim sent us a great chart to explain the differences between the cookie names so that you know what to order or grab from one of the Cookie Booths once those begin on February 24! Some of the cookies will look a little different too, so we’re going to use Kim’s information and adorable parent/kid cookie reviews to walk you through it! 

Everything You Need to Know About Boise's New Girl Scout Cookies

The Girl Scouts of Silver Sage are changing their cookie supplier in 2023, which means you MAY not be able to find your favorite cookie. Don't worry! It probably just has another name!

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