Fishing is a favorite pastime activity or hobby here in Idaho. But, if you like to go fishing a lot, be careful because the way you do it may be hilariously illegal. And we’re going to tell you why!


But first, let’s look at some other really random laws in Idaho that just don’t make any sense.


TRUE OR FALSE: Can You Guess Which Idaho Laws Are Real?

Let's see how well you do at guessing which of these silly laws are true and which are false.


And this one really takes the cake. Illegal PDA? Only in Idaho.


Is PDA illegal in Idaho? Let's Find Out


And, since we’re on the topic of weird laws in Idaho, some politicians are pushing to do this. 


Idaho Housing Bill Criticized as “Legalized Robbery”


Also, did you know that weed in Idaho is illegal, but only to consume? Confusing, we know. Here’s a little more of an explanation:


Is Cannabis legal in Boise, Idaho? Breaking Hemp News!

Idaho (being a naturally conservative state) has stood firm in its stance against cannabis use since 1970 when the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) was passed. That is, until a breaking announcement just this week.


Alright, back to illegal fishing


Bizzare Idaho Law Restricts You From Fishing This Way

Check out this hilarious TikTok that explains some pretty hilarious laws


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But, you know what isn't illegal? These hot springs.

These 5 Nude Hot Springs in Idaho Might Make You Blush

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