Boise GreenBike is holding a bike-themed scavenger hunt this weekend, and we can help families in need at the same time.  This could be the best Cranksgiving ever.

We might be a little caught up with e-scooters in Boise right now, but it's still fun to reserve and unlock a GreenBike, ride it, and return it.  A GreenBike doesn't take up any space in the garage, it's good for the environment, and our quads and heart rates get limbered up too.

Boise GreenBike is inviting bikers of all ages to its Thanksgiving-themed scavenger hunt called Cranksgiving this Saturday, November 17th from 10 am to 5 pm. Bikers will team up in groups to ride around Boise and fill Thanksgiving boxes for families in need through St. Vincent de Paul.

You can bring your own bike instead of using a GreenBike, but each team has to have at least one Boise GreenBike rider, whom Boise Weekly says will get $20 of credit in the GreenBike network. There is no entry fee to be part of the scavenger hunt, but it is a charity event after all, so everyone is asked to bring enough money to buy food for the boxes.

And of course, there's an after-party because that's what we do.  Boise is great at kicking charity events up a notch with big celebrations afterward.  The after-party will be at Clairvoyant Brewing following Cranksgiving.

Tomorrow will be chilly, but sunny, and a good day for a ride.  Especially this kind of socially-conscious, environmentally-conscious, super-fun ride.  Go Boise.

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