Over the last few weeks, we've seen friends, neighbors, businesses, even neighborhoods deck the halls.  This weekend, I finally got into gear and got my decorating going.

It seems like I might be the last person on earth to get my decorations up.  The original plan had been to do it last weekend, but, we were traveling and then didn't quite feel up to it when we got back.  Then, the weather kind of trumped the outdoor lights (those still need to be hung).

I'm not a decorating natural, that was always something my son's mom quarterbacked when were married (she's very talented at it), but I value how important it is to my kiddo, so I'm doing my best.

I do have to admit, although a little late to the party this year, the more I put up, the more warmth I felt in our house and the more it helps to put you in the spirit of the season.

Outside lights, hopefully this week, and finishing up the inside today.  It does feel good, albeit late, to have a little more Christmas at the house.