The Best Trees Have Ornaments With a Story
We'll probably walk past a hundred Christmas trees this season and never know the full story behind each ornament. The ones that have been hand-made by a relative can probably tell an important story if we take the time to ask.
Am I The Last To Decorate?
Over the last few weeks, we've seen friends, neighbors, businesses, even neighborhoods deck the halls.  This weekend, I finally got into gear and got my decorating going.
My Birthday Present
Each year for my birthday I enjoy my present, getting the house decorated for Christmas.  This year while I moved our 29 year old Palomino to the a stall on the south side of the barn, Brenda made the house festive.
It's the best present I can have, knowing that even though our budget is ti…
I'm Sorry
Stores put Christmas decorations out early for people like me.  I'm sorry!  I'm packing up my three girls this weekend and we're going to get a Christmas tree.