After getting the rug pulled out from underneath them last year, our last full-time costume shop is getting a brand new home at Boise Townsquare Mall.  The owners got the keys this week, and they'll be open soon!

Boise has had the luxury of having a year-round costume shop for years, and we haven't had to wait for pesky things like seasons to roll around to find Darth Vader masks, silly string, and custom-made princess gowns.  It was Halloween all year long!  Until 2020 happened.

Last year, The Reveal shared the sad news on its website that it was getting the short end of a business stick and had to look for new space to set up shop.  Owners Mark and Tina said, "We have been informed that we are losing our retail location, another business has been able to come in and take over our space offering cash upfront. We are just heartbroken and have really needed to just take a couple of days to process our next steps."

We hated to see them go!  But, that was then, this is now.  The owners got the keys to their new location this week, and they'll open the new space at Boise Town Square Mall soon.

And they have definitely NOT been sitting idle while The Reveal has been closed. They've made over 200 masks and surgical caps with their partners @JUMPBoise and @Idaho Stem Project through #Idahomakersunite, so their impact on the Treasure Valley has continued even though they haven't been supplying us with vampire teeth and glow-in-the-dark makeup for the past few months.  They love what they do and being a part of the Treasure Valley Community, and we love them.

Michelle in the Morning tells us that Mark and Tina are LITE-FM super fans and always have the 80s and 90s music cranked up inside their store.  And they'll be at the Halloween and Horror Convention with us at the Red Lion Hotel in Downtown Boise from August 13th through 16th.  So come join us, and congratulate Mark and Tina on getting back on their feet!

They'll announce an official opening date for the Boise Town Square Mall store soon.

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