LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union. Our thirteenth wish went to Sarah.

Liane's had a tragic 2017.  After a fun visit with her niece and nephews over 4th of July weekend, she returned to California only to receive a phone call a few days later saying that her brother, Timothy, had passed away in his sleep during a business trip.  He was on the road with Idaho Fish and Game in Pocatello and doctors believed that he had a massive heart attack in the middle of the night. Liane and Timothy were the only two kids in a family of four, so they've always been close...but she wasn't nominating herself for a Christmas Wish this year.

She actually reached out to us to nominate her sister-in-law, Sarah, who's all of a sudden become Mom, Dad, therapist and bread winner at the same time. Sarah's struggling to make ends meet for her family on a single income and the kids are struggling with their grief after daddy passed away.  The stress of it all has led to some pretty scary medical situations for Sarah herself.  Liane really wanted to do something nice for the family during a hard time and that's where we came in!

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