LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union. Our third wish went to a young mom named Carla

Amanda nominated her friend Carla for a Christmas Wish following the death of Carla's high school sweetheart and husband, Jorge.  He passed away in a horrific accident earlier this year, leaving behind Carla and their five year-old son. Jorge was more than just a dad to the little boy, he was his best friend.

Shortly before his death, the family made the decision that it was time for Carla to break from working as a CNA in Hospice and pursue her dream of a nursing degree from CWI.  Her patients and employers were sad to see her go because she was one of the most patient and kind caregivers they'd ever encountered.  While the goodbye was hard, they knew that she's going to make even more of a difference in the lives of her patients as a nurse.

Jorge was the maid source of income for the family, so Carla's had to go back to working full time while still pursuing that nursing degree and adapting to her new role as a single mom.  The amount of grace, selflessness and strength that Carla's handled tremendous loss with is an inspiration to everyone she meets and that's why her friends wanted to do something to make this first Christmas without Jorge a less of a burden on her.  We were honored that Amanda asked us to be part of this surprise for this strong young mother.

Jeff Connell piled into our Team Subaru Christmas Wish Forester Delivery Sleigh and surprised Carla with some goodies to help get her son Christmas gifts this year and sent the family to Winter Garden Aglow at the Idaho Botanical Gardens.

Click where you see the play button on the birdies to listen hear the wish!

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