The secret was already out. Boise’s food scene is booming and now even more people know it thanks to Guy Fieri’s recent visit for the current season of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! 

We can’t say that we disagree with any of the picks he made this time around. West Side Drive-In is a Boise institution and Tango’s? Well, every time we ask about restaurants you think are highly underrated or brands that you wish would expand to more locations, Tango’s is in the mix. While they may not be as fancy as Chandlers or Barbacoas, almost EVERYONE in the Boise area knows about these restaurants.

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But this? This isn’t an article about the most well-known restaurants in Boise. This is an article about local restaurants that have achieved something nearly impossible and yet, no one seems to be talking about them! 

That nearly impossible feat? Earning that highly coveted, nearly impossible in the day and age of the internet, 5-star rating on Yelp! Less than 25 restaurants in the area carry that badge of honor. A few like Tango’s and Pupusas A&J’s have been around quite a while.

Facebook/Tango's Empanadas and Subs
Facebook/Tango's Empanadas and Subs


Newer ones, like Alchemist Plant Pub, already have tons of people talking about them because they were so highly anticipated. (And hey, when you’re a new business that’s been moving into a building that’s been empty for eternity…we get it.) 

But these seven restaurants are seemingly flying under the radar and based on the reviews we’ve seen, you’re cheating yourself by not checking them out!

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