Who doesn't love a good soak? Hot Springs are one of Idaho's most charming ways to relax and unwind. If you're well overdue for some R&R these are just five of the hot springs options just a short drive from Boise!

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Idaho has dozens of hot springs locations appropriate for soaking scattered throughout the state, but these are five adventures that under a two hour drive from the City of Trees. Our list is a mix of commercial and public hot springs. If you're choosing one of the hot springs on public land, please brush up on the proper etiquette to follow during your visit.

Pack it in, pack it out whether it's trash, leftover food or other litter. If you're at a location without on-site facilities make sure you dispose of human waste properly. Don't use soaps in the hot springs or other bodies of water. They don't breakdown and can negatively impact the beautiful area you're enjoying. Leave the area better than you found it, but at the same time make sure you leave rocks, plants and other natural objects the way you found them.

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