The new outfits are folded. The new supplies are in the backpack. The lunchbox eagerly awaits being filled with PB&J and Goldfish crackers. This weekend feels a little bittersweet, doesn't it?

Hopefully it will find your family enjoying those last few days of summer break before the kids go back to school in the Boise, Nampa, Caldwell and Vallivue School Districts on Monday, August 19! While you're sneaking in that one last float down the Boise River or trip to Roaring Springs and stuffing your face with Pronto Pups and ice cream potatoes at the Western Idaho Fair, we're putting together something special for the kids to hear on the way to school on Monday morning!

We're looking for parents who want to wish their kids "good luck" on the first day of school to play on 107.9 LITE-FM. You may sincerely mean it or you may just want to embarrass them a little bit after they tore apart your house and ate all the snacks during summer break...either way, we're excited to play your messages on the air!

Think hearing from you would make your kids a little less nervous on the way to their new classroom? Then download the LITE-FM mobile app and use it to record your greeting! Sending an audio message to LITE-FM is a brand new feature in our app, so I put together a little video to show you how to do it.  Take a look and make sure to include your name, your child's name and school and what time you think you'll be on the way to school so we can try to play it when they can hear it!


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