Open Facebook today, you'll see hundreds of photos of kiddos heading back to elementary, middle and high school.  Feeling like a little bit of an empty-nester because you just sent your youngest off to college? Here's how you can still feel like they need you! 

It's been quite a few years since the first time I stepped up on campus as a college student, but I'll never forget frantically calling my dad and freaking out when I realized how much textbooks for a single semester cost.  As a broadcast communications major, it was quite possible that I had to buy fewer textbooks than other majors on campus but I was still shelling out anywhere between $350-$500 per semester! And of course every semester, without fail, I had a professor that just had to choose the brand new edition of a book which meant that buying a cheaper, used book online wasn't an option.

When you get that frantic phone call from your scholar at Boise State, CWI or College of Idaho, here's what you do to look like a superstar parent.  Share the code "Text10" with them and send them over to Amazon.  Between now and September 29, they can use that code at check-out and receive 10% when they spend $100 on new textbooks. The maximum discount available is $50, but when you're spending almost $500 on books every penny you can save is a big help!

The offer applies to NEW textbooks only.  For more on the back to school discount click HERE.

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