If you have a high school senior, they’re probably deep into the process of filling out college applications and crossing their fingers that they get the BIG envelope from their dream school. 

After that? They’re free to let senioritis kick in and enjoy the last few months with the friends who have been with them through thick and thin for 4-12 years before everyone goes their separate ways. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

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If you have a high school junior? Well, this school year is less fun. This is the year when they’re cramming for college entrance exams and hoping to get the highest scores they possibly can on the ACT and/or SAT. Most will try to take one or both of the tests twice, hoping to improve their scores once they go through the test-taking process at least once.

Paul Bradbury
Paul Bradbury

Many test prep institutions suggest taking the ACT for the first time in the fall or early spring of junior year and the SAT in the spring. ACT dates are scheduled in our part of Idaho on October 28 and December 9. SAT dates are coming up on November 4 and December 2. After your student takes the tests, they could have the results within two to eight weeks, depending on which tests they take. 

Once the scores are in, how important are they to getting into Idaho’s colleges? Niche.com is a helpful website that gives you a little insight. It ranks neighborhoods, companies and schools based on a ton of different factors. When it comes to colleges they rank everything from the schools with the best professors and dorms to schools with the best food and Greek life.

SAT College Exams To Undergo Major Changes
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We dove into their acceptance rate to see which of Idaho’s major higher learning institutions were the hardest to get into. Not only were we able to find out which colleges were the most challenging to get into, but we were also able to find the test score range for students they recently admitted.

Idaho Colleges Ranked By Acceptance Rate 2023

Niche, a website dedicated to helping people connect with the best schools, neighborhoods and workplaces for their lifestyle, looked at Idaho's major higher learning institutions and ranked them base on which ones were the hardest to get into. This is how things shook out.

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Based on numbers from the Idaho State Department of Education, these school districts had the highest four-year graduation rates for the Class of 2022. It's worth noting that all of these districts have a total student population of less than 900.

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