When you look back at “the good old days,” what type of high school did you build those memories at? 

We’re the product of a public school education and we were very lucky that our public high school provided a lot of opportunities. In addition to our education in the classroom, the high school that we went to put a large emphasis on the arts. All students were required to take music class from fifth through eighth grade. Whether that was band, orchestra or chorus, many of us continued those programs through high school. 

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Our high school offered a great industrial arts program, too. Television Broadcasting was part of that department and without that TV class, we may have never had the opportunity to intern at a local radio cluster. That internship is how we ended up doing what we do today. 

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Unfortunately, when levies and bonds fail, public schools are forced to make tough decisions. Some districts close and consolidate schools or cut staff to make up for shortfalls. Others start doing away with programs like the ones that made us who we are today. It’s really unfortunate. 


And that might be why, as a parent, you’re considering saving enough to send your student to a private high school with an excellent reputation instead. Which private schools in Idaho have the best reputation for things like academics, sports, clubs, resources and culture?

Stacker dug through the data for Idaho schools available on Niche.com to find out. When they crunched the data, here’s which private schools in Idaho performed the best.

Best private high schools in Idaho

Stacker compiled a list of the best private high schools in Idaho using rankings from Niche.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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These rankings were based off information made publicly available by the Idaho Department of Education and grades listed on Niche.com.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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