Some families in the Treasure Valley are already trying to get back into that back-to-school routine, while others get to enjoy one more week of summer break!

If you've got younger minis, chances are that "markers" appear somewhere on that school supply list. Summer break wasn't kind to those markers left over from last school year, was it? The kids left the caps off and they dried out or maybe every single masterpiece they drew for the fridge was done in purple ink, so that purple marker is dunzo. When those markers decide it's time for their trip to the big arts and crafts project in the sky, what do you do with them?

Many of you probably just toss them, but that's not the only option! Did you know that one of the most popular washable marker brands in the world has a program that will give those old markers a new life?  Crayola runs a program called ColorCycle that encourages kids to gather up their dead markers and with the help of an adult, box them up to send back to Crayola to be recycled! The best part? As a thank you for saving the planet, Crayola picks up the shipping fee for you.  Just head to the ColorCycle landing page to get started!

Crayola encourages kids, teachers and PTO members to set up collection stations around their schools! What a fun way to teach kids about recycling and kick off the school year on a fun, positive note for the community and planet!

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