While every parent that sends their high school graduate to college hopes for the best.  You hope that they can handle living away from home, that they get good grades, graduate at the top of their class and become a success in life.  We always want our children to do better than us.  We also have fears about sending them away.  We fear that they start to hang out with the wrong crowd, party too much, and don’t have the future that we envisioned for them.  You also worry about their safety in a new environment, with people that none of you know.  You don’t usually think about the safety of dropping your student off at college.  You don’t think that something tragic could happen along the way to this new experience.  Tragically for one Boise State family, the unthinkable happened on Friday.

While Rebecca Haselman was driving her 18-year-old freshman daughter, Emma Nutter from their home in Santa Clara, through Oregon to the Boise State campus, their vehicle was struck by a semi-truck that crossed into oncoming traffic.  Malheur County emergency crews were called at 11:45 am when both Rebecca and Emma were pronounced dead.

Family friends have created a

This is another reminder that anything can happen, anytime, anywhere, and that you never know how long you have with your loved ones.  Hug your kids and tell them you love them as often as they’ll let you.

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