Someone stop 2020, I want to get off. An already complicated back-to-school season just keeps getting more bananas. 

Right now, the Boise School District will start as planned on August 17 but for the beginning part the school year they'll participate in classes on-line. West Ada won't get things underway until September 8 so that the school board has more time to evaluate how much remote learning is necessary. Nampa will do their first two weeks online.

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As kids get ready to fire up their laptops and tablets again, we wanted to asks parents if a dress code for on-line learning is taking it a little too far. As far as we know, none of our local school districts have tried to roll out something like that but in the state of Illinois, things are a little bit different.

According to KIRO, Springfield School District in Illinois has a section of their student handbook that states that students enrolled in on-line learning must follow the regular dress code even though they are attending class remotely. Hats, hooded clothing of any kind, pajama pants and slippers are all listed against dress code.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that parents who are already struggling enough making the adjustment to at-home learning are furious that the district is now telling them what their kids can or cannot wear in their own homes.

The district also states that children will be not permitted to attend class from their beds. They need to be sitting upright somewhere else like a desk or table.

When asked about these seemingly over reaching policies by one of their local television stations, the district said they'd handle violations on a case by case basis.

I'm not a parent and I haven't been through the great homeschool experiment of 2020 so parents, you tell me. Does it really matter what your kid is wearing if they're making the effort to log-on and interact with their teachers/classmates/material presented?


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