We're just days away from the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympic games in South Korea.  To get ready to cheer on Team USA, we're teaming up with our friends from the Idaho Lottery to host our own Olympic games! 

Except at LITE-FM, you don't have to be graceful on figure skates or know how to drive a bobsled to medal in our games.  You just have to brush up on your music trivia, because this is Michelle's Music Olympics! Each morning at 7:25 a.m., we'll spin the Olympic Wheel to find our which event you'll be going head to head in. The contestant who dominates the event will take home 10 of the "Ice Gold" scratch games from our friends at the Idaho Lottery!

Each "Ice Gold" game has the potential to win you up to $10,000!  If you scratch your ticket and get that disappointing "Sorry, not a winner" message on your Idaho Lottery "Check a Ticket" app, don't throw them away.  There's a second chance "Go for the Gold" drawing happening through the Idaho Lottery's website.  Enter your ticket there for a chance to win $1,000 weekly!

Want to know what event you could be competing in? Here's a look at what's on the wheel!

Luge of Lyrics: Michelle in the Morning will play a clip of one of the biggest hits played on LITE-FM.  When the music stops, the contestant must correctly sing or recite the next lyric. They'll get a point for each correct answer.  The contestant with the most points wins.

Ski-Pop: Based on Michelle's favorite app game "Song Pop," contestants will hear a clip of a song that made the Billboard Top 100 in a Winter Olympic Year.  The contestant that correctly names the title or artist of the song, gets a point. Best of five wins.

Slalom Scramble: Michelle will play a piece of a song popular in a Winter Olympic Year backward.  The first contestant to correctly name the song, gets a point.  Best of three wins.

Gold Medal Guess Who: Michelle will give facts about a LITE-FM song or artist.  The first contestant to correctly identify the artist or song gets a point.  The contestant with the most points wins.

Frozen Four: You know your favorite LITE-FM artists like Ed Sheeran, Journey and Ace of Base, but how many songs do you know by them? Michelle will give you an artist name.  If you can name four songs by them before the timer buzzes, you get a point.  Most points wins.

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