If you're working from home, do you feel like you're the CEO of your own little empire?

There's one thing that we know for sure, good CEOs surround themselves with buttoned up, organized folks that help keep them on task and make sure they're on time for all their important meetings and appointments. We'd love to shell out the money for each of you to have your own personal assistant, but let's be honest...money's a little tight right now. That's why we've come up with the next best thing!

This week, we want to give you a new Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker so that Alexa can make life easier as you're working from home. In fact, Amazon recently updated Alexa's "Routines" skill to include a suggested "Work From Home" schedule where Alexa will tell you when it's time to start your work day, take a lunch or stretch break and when to start wrapping up your workday.

Need help timing your hand washing? You can ask Alexa to sing for 20 seconds and she'll sing you a song to walk your through the proper way and length of time to wash your hands.

And of course, she's also another way to listen to 107.9 LITE-FM while working from home! That's something you're really going to want to do starting Monday because you chance to win up to $10,000 with LITE-FM's Payroll Payout is coming!

Here's how to win your Echo Dot:

Speaker Tag Rules

  • Listen to Michelle in the Morning every weekday at 8:10. If you're caller #7, you automatically become "IT" and are in to win the tablet the next morning. If you're not the winner, remember the winner's name because your next shot is coming up at 9:10.
  • We'll take caller #7 again at 9:10, 11:10, 1:10 and 3:10. If you're caller #7 and can tell us the name of the person who's currently "IT" you qualify to win the tablet and become "IT."
  • We'll pick a grand prize winner from the pool of "ITs" every weekday morning at 7:50. The earlier you get yourself in to win the better your odds at winning! On Tuesday, you may only be playing against 5 people for the tablet. On Wednesday it could be 10. Thursday 15...you get the idea!
  • We'll have the tablet sent to your home so that you don't have to leave the house or come in contact with us here at the station. We do miss seeing your smiling faces at our front desk, so feel free to tag us in photos of you and your new tablet!

BTW, we know that your routine's been disrupted by working from home, so make sure you download the LITE-FM mobile app to receive a reminder when it's time to listen for the cue to call!

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