107.9 LITE-FM isn't just your home for continuous Christmas favorites, we're also the station stuffing your stocking with the most cash!  

Jennifer and Aly each won $1,000 to put toward their family's Christmases when we were giving away Michelle's Christmas Cash.  Aly was putting her winnings toward their family trip to Hawaii.  Jennifer was using hers to help finish putting in handicap ramps for her parents at their new house.  With the kind of money we're giving away this time...you could buy a couple of houses, or a yacht, or a couple of cars... You get the idea!

We're giving you a chance to win $1 million in LITE-FM's Office Pool! Unlike the Powerball or Mega Millions pools you've played with YOUR co-workers, if you win in OUR pool...you don't have to share your winnings with anyone!

Here's How it Works

Download the new 107.9 LITE-FM app HERE and make sure you have the alerts turned on.  While you're on the job this week, we'll send out two APPsclusive alerts a day telling you when it's time to call and get into the pool! If you're the right caller, you instantly win a ticket into the Idaho Lottery's $1,000,000 Raffle!

If you've ever dreamt of becoming a millionaire, being in this raffle is seriously your best shot at it! The Idaho Lottery only sells 250,000 tickets (only sold in the Gem State, just so you know) for the raffle and once they're gone, they're gone.  When it's time for the drawing, one lucky person will $1 MILLION!

Even if you don't win the big bucks, you've got a great chance of winning some cash to put toward your holiday shopping (or the bills that come after it!) There are 6,927 other prizes after the $1,000,000 that range from $25-$10,000!

Sound like a great deal to you? Then click HERE, download the app and get ready to fight through the phone lines to get into our office pool!

BTW, if you try really hard and don't win a ticket from us, tickets for the raffle are only $10.  That's as much as I normally spend on Idaho Lottery Scratch tickets when I go grocery shopping.  I won $20 off a $2 Polar Bear Bucks ticket the other day and that was pretty cool...but the smallest prize you win in this lottery is still bigger than that!

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