You already know that listening to 107.9 LITE-FM on the job makes the workday more fun, but now we want to make your whole summer more fun when you unlock our prize vault! 

But first you have to help us crack the code! When we were taking inventory of all the amazing prizes we have to give away this spring and summer, someone accidentally slammed the door to our prize vault shut before we could jot down the combination. Over the last few days, we’ve tried entering every number we could think of. Our old high school locker combination, addresses, social security numbers, birthdays…none of them worked.

Bank Vault With Gold Shine.

So we decided to ask the smartest people we know for some help - our incredible 107.9 LITE-FM listeners! If you can help us figure out the seven digit combination we’ll give you everything that was inside the vault when we accidentally locked it. There’s over $1200 worth of prizes in there! 

We’ll give you an opportunity to unlock the vault weekdays at 8:10, 1:10 and 4:10. We’ll stand next to the vault and enter the numbers you tell us. This is going to happen one digit at a time. If you get the first digit in the combination correct, you’ll be able to guess the second one - so on and so forth. 

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Even if you strike out, we’ll give you a pair of Boise Music Festival tickets* as a thank you gift for trying to help us out. 


  • The combination is seven digits and those digits range from 0-9
  • Numbers can be repeated in the combination
  • Keep track of incorrect guesses to narrow down the correct answer
  • Keep track of the correct guesses too! You’ll need those in order to guess the next number!

*You can only receive ONE pair of Boise Music Festival tickets during the Prize Vault contest. You can guess a second time, but you'll only get one pair of BMF tickets. 

Here’s what we know is in the vault for sure…

Prizes Inside the 107.9 LITE-FM Prize Vault

We accidentally locked over $1200 in our prize vault before we could jot down the combination! Unlock the vault and they're ALL YOURS!

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart


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