It's a dirty little secret that you may not know about. All Girl Scout cookies are NOT created equally. 

What if I told you that if you were to visit family Kansas City, their Thin Mints were crunchier than ours and didn't have quite the same coat of rich, smooth chocolate as the ones you got from the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage.  Or that your friends in Houston are getting S'mores cookies that are actually dipped in chocolate rather than the sandwich-style cookies we get in Boise.

If this is news to you, there's a simple explanation. The Girl Scouts of the United State of America partner with two licensed bakers, whose recipes and ingredients are just a little bit different from each other. That's why when the new "Lemon Ups" cookies were introduced many articles mentioned that the cookies will NOT be available nationwide.

The new cookie is described as a crisp, lemon flavored biscuit with with a sweet glaze on one side of the cookie to help balance out the tartness that makes you make that fishy face. Each of the cookies is stamped with a motivational message inspired by the young entrepreneurs selling them to you. These cookies are being manufactured by the bakery called "Little Brownie Bakery."

If your mouth is watering just thinking about these cookies, I've got good news for you! According to this map from Wide Open Eats, the Girl Scouts of Silver Sage receive the cookies baked by Little Brownie Bakery. That means YES the new Lemon Ups will be available to order from your local Girl Scouts or purchase later when cookie booth sales start outside of locations like Albertsons, Fred Meyer, etc.

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